Posted by: geoffropuff | May 17, 2009

grant’s trip part 1

i promised you this was coming, so here it is.  recently, grant visited me in japan.  i’ve been looking forward to this trip for quite a long time, as grant is my best friend, and i couldn’t wait to tear up the motherland with him.  he arrived on monday, may 4th and stayed for a full week.  hopefully, i can show you all the fun, chaos, and debauchery we caused.  here’s part 1.

on monday before grant arrived, emiko sent me an email, “is grant arriving today?  i think i saw him on the train.”  i figured she was right, cuz how many big headed foreigners would be on the tobu noda line, so i went to my local train station and saw him walk out of the station.  he thought i was psychic or something.

anyways, after he got settled in, we decided to start off strong and go to akihabara.  i figured that he wanted to do so much shopping that one day wasn’t enough, and i was right.  i showed him the main street where all the video game shops, electronics mega-stores, and porn alcoves were.  on this street, there’s a large store that has anything and everything you would never need or want.  this store is called Don Quixote.  they have the craziest stuff that you would never want to use.  personally, i loved this t-shirt they had.

i love oppai (boobs) shirt with handprint...AWESOME!

i love oppai (boobs) shirt with handprint...AWESOME!

the main store we hit up was book off.  for those of you who don’t know what book off is, it’s a used cd/dvd/book/manga store.  there’s one in torrance, but the akihabara one is like the mecca of book offs.  8 floors of stuff to buy with rows and rows of stuff.

one of many book off aisles

one of many book off aisles

needless to say, grant and i bought a lot of crap.

grant's book off bags

grant's book off bags

we began a contest to see who bought the most stuff over the course of the trip.  this was our tally after one night:

grant was winning 30 to 29

grant was winning 30 to 29

after book off, we had kaiten sushi (conveyer belt sushi).  this place that we went to wasn’t the best sushi around, but it was pretty for it’s cost.  it was grant’s first sushi in japan so at that point in the trip, he thought it was the best sushi he’d ever had.  later we went to tsukiji fish market, so that changed his mind, but for that time it was the best.

akihabara unagi

akihabara unagi

after akihabara, we went back to my place to eat snacks, listen to our new cds, and play MARIO SUPERSTAR BASEBALL!  we used to play mario baseball for the gamecube all the time.  it was good times.

this stuff was only the first night he was here, so there’s lots more to come.  we made some video blogs, but wordpress won’t let me insert video without paying more.  maybe i’ll upload to youtube or facebook.  we’ll see.  more to come soon.


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