Posted by: geoffropuff | April 2, 2009

goodbye lorenzo and japanese bureaucracy

today, i’m going to write about two things.  one of them makes me a little sad, and one of them makes me feel on the verge of a psychotic akihabara killing spree meltdown.  let’s talk about lorenzo first.

lorenzo goodbye

i met lorenzo when going to play basketball with naoko and hiro.  he was a nice guy, and after we had played ball together, he invited me out to play a few other times.  we ended up hanging out and stuff outside basketball.  he actually introduced me to most of the friends that i have now, given that many of them are also leaving japan very soon.  we’ve only been friends for a few months but he’s definitely helped make my japan experience enjoyable.

so on saturday night, we went out as a last shebang for the fellas.  lorenzo is leaving, phil and yuka are leaving, and jared is leaving.  we went to this club called nuts, which was underground and behind the shadiest looking yellow door you ever did see.  i’m gonna be honest with you, i don’t remember all of the night.  we drank, we danced, we had a lot of fun.  typical night out with the fellas.  and as a special bonus, nobody got sick on the train home!  i got home around 7:30am on sunday morning.

shady yellow nuts door

monday night we went out for sushi and karaoke as the last official night with everyone.  we ate at this sushi place that was beyond good.  the toro melted in my mouth like butter.  i would love to go there again but i don’t think my wallet would be too happy with me.

good sushi

we went to karaoke after dinner, which was really fun but a little tough to handle considering everyone was still exhausted.  we sang stand by me for our final song.  it was sorta like our group’s anthem.  then we all said our goodbyes, hopped in cabs/on trains and went home.  i went to sleep around 7:00am tuesday morning.

lorenzo's goodbye karaoke

i was sad that i lost one of my best friends in japan, but it’s cool cuz lorenzo is from L.A.  i’ll see him when i visit home for the summer.

okay, japanese bureaucracy.  now, i’ve been pretty patient when it took forever to get my foreign registration card, when i couldn’t sign up for telephone or internet without that card, when i had to take multiple days off to take the written exam for my driver’s test and driving portion of the test (failed 2x, have another next friday), but this latest hassle really pissed me off.  my friend phil, mentioned above, is leaving japan in about 5 days.  he told me he would sell me his car for 3-man ($300) which is a great deal.  however, for a foreigner to buy a car in japan….it’s ridiculous.

i need to contact the police station so they can confirm i have a place to park the car.  i have to find a guarantor to cosign with me on insurance, which means that i can’t just insure the car normally but that the other person needs to insure the car for multiple drivers, which then covers me driving it.  oh, and apparently i can’t really own the car.  i have to find someone to purchase the car for me, then let me use it, which i guess makes sense with the insurance thing but is a total hassle.  now, i’m not 100% on the ownership thing but it’s what phil had to do to get his car.

it’s just japan makes it SOOOOO difficult for people to do anything, and you can double that for foreigners.  the red tape is completely ridiculous and it is ruining my time here in japan.  of course i miss my friends, my family, my gf, MEXICAN FOOD, etc., but the number one culprit in upsetting me and my japan experience is the bureaucracy.  i already vented to mickie earlier this week, but just to let you know, i was so upset i almost started screaming in the teachers’ room.  i wanted to cry and hit something and jump off our balcony all at the same time.  there’s not a lot of crime in japan but when a crime happens, it’s usually cuz some guy went completely nuts.  i’m sure it was cuz he just failed his driver’s license test for the 55768767685416546984561st time.

think about if you applied the nonsense of the DMV to EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE.  then pretend you spoke swahili.  that’s what it’s like trying to do anything here.  i wouldn’t be surprised if i started having to take competency tests to order my lunch.

family guy dmv

yeah, it’s kinda like that.



  1. actually, i speak swahili so i shouldn’t have a problem, right? haha 😉

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