Posted by: geoffropuff | December 15, 2008

frosty car

i haven’t posted in a while and i thought what better than to reiterate how cold i am here in japan.  every morning and every evening i can see my breath in my apartment.  i don’t think i have ever in my life been able to see my breath in my own house.  let me introduce you to a the reason why i can see my breath.

suck it

suck it

this gas heater can, well, you know.  i went out on a rainy night to buy kerosene for this piece of crap.  when i got home, the damn thing wouldn’t stay on for more than 2 minutes.  okay, the reason it’s turning off is cuz there’s a carbon monoxide monitor and auto shut off to make sure i don’t kill myself, but it’s not made to shut off before the pilot light even starts the heat, which it’s been doing.  i’ve tried leaving it under an open window to let it breathe, and it will stay on for maybe an hour.  what a waste.  at least i have old faithful.  what follows is a picture of my most indispensible friend.

i love you

i love you

now to talk about the subject of this post.  i woke up this morning to see that it was 0 degrees outside (0 celsius is freezing for you non-hipsters who don’t know metric.  is celsius considered metric?  well, either way, it’s what we use in japan but never in the states.  btw, how many kelvin is 0 celsius?).  when i got to my car to drive to work, my door was frozen shut.  i had to give it a good tug but it finally opened.  then, i had to scrape frost off all the windows.  i’ve only done this like once in my life prior to today, but i anticipate this becoming a daily occurence.  yay japanese weather!  <insert sarcasm>





frosty rear!

frosty rear!

as you can probably conjecture by now, i’m quite uncomfortable in japan.  i can’t wait for mickie to come.  besides the obvious reason that i’ll get to see my girlfriend for the first time in 5 months, she’s bringing my christmas present: a new north face jacket!  i’m sure i’ll still be cold, but not as ridiculously so.

i hope to post soon if i’m not too lazy.  i will post the newsletter article i wrote for the Torrance Sister City Association with accompanying picture.  unedited.  you’ll see what i mean.  well, until next time.  mata ne.



  1. so… i was surprised the first time the doors were frozen shut too… i didnt exactly know how to open the car door! haha. anyway, at least you scrape the frost off of the windows and its gone… michelle scrapes the snow and by the time she gets all the way around the car she has to scrape the front window again. it’s really kinda sad =/

  2. 0 degrees celsius = 273.25 kelvin

  3. woops, i meant 273.15 kelvin. my bad.

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