Posted by: geoffropuff | November 16, 2008


so yesterday i went to this biggest shopping mall in japan with yumix.  it opened up about a month ago and is a fusion of two pretty big malls into one huge, blackhole of a shopping center.  here are some highlights from the day.

-i saw a beard papa’s so i got kinda excited, except that beard papa here is not the same whimsical, cheery, bearded man wearing a skullcap.  he is a corporate pawn that looks as ice cold as the sign he sits on.  on the bright side, they have WAY more flavor options here.

beard papa's

-this next picture has no real meaning except that i thought of my family when i saw it.  (my sister calls my dad “bub” cuz his name is bob)


-coffees, teas, juices, etc. are all super sweet, super delicious, and SUPER EXPENSIVE!  i mean, 450 yen for orange/mango juice?  hawaiian sun would cost me like $0.75 and would be just as delicious, if not as fresh…

yumix drink

-as we were walking around this ginormous shopping mall, i happened to see quite a few times when people would be lined up or grouped around something.  the thing you need to understand about japan is that if people see a line, they want to wait in it.  it doesn’t really matter what the line is for because they know that whatever it is, it must be good.  these people were waiting to see musical guest “funky monkey baby”.  the funny thing about it is, after the performance, you would expect the group to dissipate.  nope, because 3 hours later a comedian was coming.  can’t…lose…good…spot…  another line i saw was for cold stone’s, but didn’t wanna stop to photo that one.

funky monkey baby crowd

-this shopping center had both a munsingwear penguin shop and a lacoste store right next to each other.  unfortunately, i didn’t really see anything good at lacoste.  however, i did find a couple nice sweatshirts at penguin.  again unfortunately, to buy branded stuff in japan means to sell your first born and your left kidney.  17,850 yen ($175) for a sweatshirt?  haha, i seriously almost bought it anyways but feared the wrath of my thrifty girlfriend.

penguin sweatshirt penguin sweatshirt

-this post is getting really long, but i had to mention that there’s this awesome store called “kaldi coffee farms.”  they sell foreign foods, so i was able to buy stuff for mexican dinner that yumix and i later cooked.  anyways, the store is awesome.  where else can you find inka cola (shout out to you lomo saltado fans) and dad’s rootbeer (who knew this stuff still existed?) next to each other?  only in japan, i tell you.  only in japan.

inka cola & dad's rootbeer

-as previously mentioned, people will wait in line for anything.  alas, krispy kreme.  i guess i was spoiled cuz in gardena there was a krispy kreme about 5 minutes from my house, but still.  who waits in line for donuts?  my wait was about 30 minutes.  (haha, i just made fun of japanese people for waiting in line, yet i was in line with them.  my coworkers really wanted some, but their line was 3 hours.  so i’ll take 2 dozen in to work on monday.)

krispy kreme front krispy kreme line

-lastly, after the crazy mall shopping, we went home and made tacos.  oh, that reminds me that we had some CRAZY DELICIOUS hiroshima okonomiyaki for lunch.  didn’t take a picture cuz i was too busy stuffing my face.  anyways, dinner was good.  (special shout out to Mickie who sent me the stuff i didn’t buy at laketown) i always crave mexican food cuz there’s nothing out here.  this should keep me okay for a while.  now to cook some saltado de pollo…

mexican dinner



  1. what a heifer! haha
    but really, though… okonomiyaki sounds real good
    don’t have any of the authentic stuff here =(
    ps… i especially liked your “bub” reference

  2. hahaah, dude, the vending machine at my middle school had Dad’s Root Beer!

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