Posted by: geoffropuff | May 7, 2008

Titos Tacos FTW!!!

it’s been a while since i canceled my xanga account, so i figured i might as well give this whole “blog” thing another go. and what a fitting first post: TITO’S TACOS! for those of you who know me, you know i don’t really eat red meat. it has to do with the fact at one point in time, i was eating about 4 burgers a week, some being double burgers. that means i was eating close to 2 pounds of preservative filled ground beef every single week. long story short, i have no self control so i couldn’t cut only burgers, so i cut out red meat altogether. it’s pretty painful, but if i don’t want to become a self-loathing tub of lard, i must be strong.

didn’t i already mention i wasn’t strong? i ended up spending $16 at Tito’s for dinner. who does that? apparently i do, my inner fatty came out with a vengeance: 2 tacos with cheese, a meat burrito with cheese, a large bag of chips, and a large guacamole. but i guess you can’t put a price on happiness…

tasty, tasty happiness…


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